Why ACM?

Why Choose ACM?

Colour & Finish

ACM is painted in the factory at source to ensure consistency and durability. All our panels carry at least a 15 year warranty on their paint finish. With a wide range of colours now available in New Zealand, ACM is being offered with a lot more alternatives than previously. As well as woodgrain finishes we can offer panel made of copper, stainless and titanium.

Looks Great

Crisp lines, striking colours and minimal distortion are all features associated with Aluminium Composite. ACM can be folded to wrap around corners and over parapets to allow for clean lines without the need for external flashings.

It is also used to run onto joinery creating a consistent reveal that is compliant to the New Zealand Building code without the need for external flashings.


The lightweight nature of Aluminium Composite Material means savings, as less structural strength is required to support the panelling.

Fire Safety

Nearly all the material we use has an FR rating. On our Alpolic FR product this is achieved by using an FR mineral core. There is a substantial amount of testing from overseas that can be used to back up its suitability.


ACM is quite workable with the right equipment. As well as crisp lines and square edges it can be rolled and notched if so desired.


Aluminium Composite Panels are highly rigid when compared to solid aluminium sheets. The two sheets of aluminium skin act like a small H section when pressure is applied. This ensures the panels maintain their flatness even on the edges of the panels where distortion is most likely to occur.

Environmentally Friendly

100% of the materials used in ACM are recyclable. As with all aluminium a large proportion of the material used in original production is also sourced from recycled material. The painting process is also more environmentally friendly as it is all undertaken in a controlled environment in a factory rather than on site.

Low Maintenance

Due to its colourfast nature ACM is relatively low maintenance when compared to other forms of cladding.

Cavity Design

When installed using a ventilated cavity Aluminium Composite Panels allow for any distortion in the building to be negated by creating its own lines. Unlike a face fix cladding we create our own lines so can ensure the panels are level, flush and plumb. As well as thermal insulation efficiencies from the thermal barrier effect the cavity is also designed to manage any moisture and ensure no mould or mildew occurs.

Flexibility of Supply

Most of our brands offer extensive support and material can come in a variety of standard sizes or can be ordered to a custom size.  We can also custom colour match over a certain volume. Please enquire to find out more as upfront planning will ensure large savings on the final project.