CudoClad ACM Details - All

Standard Horizonal Joint

Standard Vertical Joint

Open Joint Detail (3 stories+)

Commercial Window Head

Residential Window Head

Commercial Window Sill

Residential Window Sill

Fascia Detail 1- To ACM Soffit

Facia Detail 2- Other Soffit 1 (overlap)

Fascia Detail 3 - Other Soffit 2 (Flush)

Standard Parapet Detail

Residential Window Jamb

Commercial Window Jamb

Alt Residential Jamb- Front fix

Alt Commercial Jamb- Front Fix

Base Detail 1 - Underfix

Base Detail 2 - Stiffner - Glue block

Base Detail 3 - Front Fix

Precast Junction 1

Precast Junction - Chase Flashing

Standard External Corner Detail

Standard Internal Corner

Soffit - Wall Junction 1

Sofft - Wall Junction 2

Eyebrow Detail

Resources Disclaimer

These details are all copyright to Metaform NZ ltd t/a Cudoclad. They may be used for the incorporating into site specific architectural plans or as a tool for understanding the principles of ACM installation. No other use without the written consent of Metaform NZ Ltd.

These are meant as a guide and are all subject to final consent before installation as part of a building envelope.